Sunday, 8 November 2015

3 Tiered Mini Cake

I'm still recovering from making my first 4 tiered wedding cake a couple of weeks ago. Time wise it 'physically' took about 40 hours or so to complete but 'mentally' it took over almost every waking moment for a month or so. Making this little mini 3 tiered cake was a breeze in comparison!

I'd been inspired by a beautiful array of entries into the Miniature Wedding Cake competition when I visited the Squires Kitchen Exhibition in March this year. I preferred the simplicity of some of the non-winning entrants but the intricate work on these tiny (regulation - maximum 6" height and diameter) cakes was so impressive. 

My favourite - Entrant 525
So when I came across this mini cake pan set from Lakeland costing £7.99 I didn't hesitate to add it to my ever growing cupboard full of bake-ware and not long after quickly knocked up some lemon cakes and covered them in sugarpaste.

The flowers were made using simple cutters and were attached to the cake using royal icing with a matching thin sheer ribbon attached to each tier to finish it off.

My cake - 5" high and 5" diameter


I reckon you could easily feed about 8 guests with this little cake so it's ideal for a small gathering.

Cute isn't it!


  1. Beautiful - One of these on each table would look so much nicer that a massive cake.