Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wedding Cake

Weddings - lengthy planning, so many decisions, the nerves .... and that's just me making the cake! 

Although I've made quite a lot of quirky celebration cakes it's been some time (21 years!) since I last did a formal wedding cake for friends. I put a lot of time into this one - getting the dimensions, finish, textures and especially the sugarpaste roses just right. I'll probably do another post explaining the steps and intricacies involved in producing this but for now here's a small gallery of photos....

The brides brief was for 4 sponge tiers all sitting on each other with navy ribbon to match the bridesmaids dresses, a small number of hot pink roses and simple icing dots on the sides. I haven't heard from the happy couple yet but I'm hoping they liked it.....

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Computer themed cupcakes

Life's got a bit busy recently.....starting a new admin job in the NHS, helping out casually in a bakery, getting organised to sell and move out of our house, buying another house, making a wedding cake for a friends son and volunteering with a charitable organisation offering people advice and support when using computers.

For the launch of the charities new venture I offered to make some cupcakes. If truth be known I'm probably better suited to helping people learn about baking and cake decorating than computing but we're not talking programming or analytics here just the basics for those with limited knowledge of, or access to, computers. I decided on a computer themed cupcake design for the launch party and created a variety of royal icing run-out logos for the toppers. I also modelled a few laptops out of black gumpaste finished off with the flying windows desktop screen printed onto rice paper and,  again using rice paper, decorated a few cupcakes with the organisation's 'Go-to' logo.

The launch party was a success, the mayor cut the ribbon, the venue was officially opened, the ethos explained and plenty of food and cake was eaten. I hope it proves to be a valuable resource for the community - good luck Go-to Internet Cafe at the Roy Fletcher Centre in Shrewsbury! Now I'd better brush up on my knowledge of cookies of the computer not edible kind!