Saturday, 20 December 2014

Grand Piano Cake for Grandad

After Beth's family saw her handbag cake they asked whether I would make a cake for her Grandads 80th birthday. With plenty of notice and a well thought out plan for getting it to the party venue (up Manchester way) I willingly agreed. They wanted a cake in the shape of a Grand Piano which sounded like an interesting challenge!

There wasn't a great deal I could prepare in advance but I did manage to make the keyboard, the pedals, the lid, lid prop and the sheet music stand. These were made in modelling paste to ensure they dried hard. I also ordered some 'Happy Birthday' sheet music printed onto rice paper and drafted Dave into painting three white pillars black with water-based modellers paint. 

I spent quite a while working on the design to make sure the proportions looked right. An oblong Madeira cake was carved into the curved piano shape and placed on a thin cake board cut using a sharp craft knife.

It all came together really well and Beth and her family were thrilled with the finished article. I think it is one of my favourites too.

Happy Birthday Barrie!


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    1. Another one they didn't eat at the party as they wanted to show it to family and friends afterwards! Next cake for a friends 50th is going to be a cruise ship theme!!