Sunday, 27 November 2016

Football Mum

I think Sally, who turned 50 this weekend, deserves a 'Football Mum of the Year' award!

It takes a certain kind of person to stand on the touchline week in week out whatever the weather throws at you - and when we both lived in Wales that was generally very wet stuff! It also takes dedication to take, and later follow, your offspring around the county or country to the weekly match. Then there is the never ending pile of muddy kit, if you were very unlucky you used to end up with the whole teams kit to wash.

I grudgingly took my turn taking our 2 lads and friends to matches but was secretly pleased when one decided he didn't want to play football any more and the other got lifts with car driving friends. Sally, who I made this cake for, has 4 sporty off-spring and has supported them throughout - today they still play for a range of local and league teams, one even plays for a national team.

There were quite a few elements to incorporate into the design of the cake which her husband Chris had requested on ordering it - the house Sally loves, her family and their dog. I added in a few football touches - the rice paper shirts on the washing line, the scarves and a football. I think she liked it - her comment on seeing it was 'there were tears'... which is what most of us do when our beloved teams win or lose! 


  1. Another stunner. It is such a shame that they get eaten.

    1. I really want people to eat them. So many times people say it's a shame to eat it ....