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Although commercial modelling pastes are available it is easy, and much cheaper, to make your own paste when needed for components of a cake that need to dry hard and hold their shape. Gum tragacanth powder is available from all good cake shops on the high street or online.

225g / 8oz fondant icing / sugarpaste
5ml / 1 teaspoon Gum tragacanth

  • Make a well in the fondant and add the powder
  • Knead in well
  • Wrap in a plastic bag (not cling film) and leave for a few hours or overnight to 'develop'
  • Knead the paste again to make it workable and then mould required shape
  • Leave moulded items to dry for as long as possible
  • Turn items over carefully to dry underside of moulded item
  • Fix items to cake using edible glue or royal icing and, if needed, support until 'glue' hardens

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