Sunday, 18 January 2015

Putting theory into Practice

Term 2 of my NVQ3 in Patisserie and Confectionery started last week and we were given folders containing various sections for completion. Some are multiple choice Q&A sections to complete to show we understand the theory and science behind the baking. Other sections are to evidence that we are covering the syllabus and cross referencing the products we've made against the various units. Having done an NVQ before in Business Administration it's not alien to me but I wonder how my 3 colleagues, whose first languages are not English, will manage. I treated myself to a book from Amazon which contains all the theory and hundreds of recipes, from basic sauces to fancy sugar work, problem is that everyone is on a January diet (I should be too!) so there's no-one to cook for!

Over 13 weeks last term we produced a wide range of items. Thankfully I kept a diary and photographic evidence of what I made each week, the photo's aren't great (iPhone camera plus low light) but the grid below gives an indication of what we have made. Although each session is supposed to last for 6 hours starting at 4pm, the caretakers, keen to get home, are turning the lights and gas off well before 10pm. This limits what you can accomplish in an evening, especially if items need proving, resting or chilling at various stages.

We also spent a couple of weeks in the college's training restaurant called 'Merits' in the run-up to Christmas. We were responsible for the desserts section and worked alongside student chefs following other courses at the college. It was a little manic at times as there was only 2 of us producing 3 different desserts for 60 people in unfamiliar surroundings, but we survived - just about!

Owen has created a portfolio for me and I'm hoping to get a bit of work experience in a commercial kitchen to put on my CV. Fingers crossed! 


  1. Kath, this is amazing. I had no idea the course was so intensive. I can't wait to try some of these desserts

  2. I'll have to bring my recipe book out with me WHEN we come out!! I've started looking for work placements, hope something comes up.