Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wedding Cake

Weddings - lengthy planning, so many decisions, the nerves .... and that's just me making the cake! 

Although I've made quite a lot of quirky celebration cakes it's been some time (21 years!) since I last did a formal wedding cake for friends. I put a lot of time into this one - getting the dimensions, finish, textures and especially the sugarpaste roses just right. I'll probably do another post explaining the steps and intricacies involved in producing this but for now here's a small gallery of photos....

The brides brief was for 4 sponge tiers all sitting on each other with navy ribbon to match the bridesmaids dresses, a small number of hot pink roses and simple icing dots on the sides. I haven't heard from the happy couple yet but I'm hoping they liked it.....


  1. How could they not like it - it's spectacular ; By the way, Esi is getting married first week in October next year.

  2. Oh wow - fantastic news, pass on our congratulations to the happy couple. I've transported cakes long distance in the UK and Sue & Will took one of my cakes out to Italy so I'd be happy to give Turkey a go!!