Sunday, 17 July 2016

Rome wasn't built in a day....

Rome wasn't built in a day..... and neither was this bespoke 50th Birthday Cake - a model of the Church Inn Pub at Mobberley, Cheshire! 

One day I'll keep a really accurate record (down to the last minute maybe) of how much input and time a cake like this takes to create. But for now lets say it took in excess of 20 hours!! Apart from the Champagne bottle candle every part of the cake is totally edible.

L - Real Church Inn at Mobberley        R - My sugarpaste recreation



That includes planning, quoting, ordering items, making and cooking the cake base, carving the shape, levelling the layers, making and applying buttericing, covering the board, base covering the cake, colouring the fondant icing, making and 'fixing' the walls, roof and chimneys, applying the rice paper windows and doors, piping the ivy foilage, making the following - the plants, the hanging sign, the picnic table, the model (including clothes and hair), the tennis balls and tennis bag, and FINALLY cutting out and applying the lettering.

Phew.........time for a drink - cheers Amanda!!!


  1. Stunning - Hope Dave helped you with the brickwork.

  2. Ha ha, no he's been way too busy with his own wall building. I used a clever little embossing mat to do the walls and the roof.