Friday, 4 September 2015

Gadget Girl

Not for me the iPhone 6 or latest tablet. Sad I know but I've fallen in love with my new gadget.

It's my birthday soon and my lovely twin sister Sue gave me money to buy a mixer of my choice. There's so many out there........which one to buy? After reading reviews and comparing prices I decided on the Kenwood KMix which came with a 5 year warranty from John Lewis. It's solidly made and has so many attachments. Those following the Great British Bake Off this year may have noticed that the stylish KitchenAids have been replaced with the more affordable Kenwood KMix. See the Telegraph article here

It's so shiny and new - shame to get it covered in flour and cake mix......


  1. Are you telling me that my fancy pants black KitchenAid has gone out of fashion?

  2. If you keep it long enough it will come back into fashion!! Everything does......eventually. I still have my Kenwood Food Processor I was given for a wedding present 25 years ago and that still works ....... amazingly!