Sunday, 12 October 2014

Practice makes perfect

Although they are a family favourite I've never made doughnuts before. I don't know why that is, what's not to like about them?

This coming Tuesday we will be making them on my evening course so I felt the need to have a practice beforehand. I've quickly come to the realise on this course that it pays to read up, and if time allows, have a trial run with whatever it is we are going to be making. 

Doughnuts Mark 1, although tasted fine, wouldn't have won any prizes for looks or presentation.

Doughnuts Mark 1
So learning from the mistakes we (it turned into a family effort - mixing, shaping, frying, dusting in sugar and injecting the jam!) had another go and I am pleased to say doughnuts Mark 2 were a great success. 

I followed a Paul Hollywood  recipe on the BBC which is very straightforward. I think it helps to have a sugar thermometer (ours is still packed in a box somewhere) to ensure the oil is at 180c, as we ended up guessing when we were at the right temperature, which wasn't ideal. So I'm feeling a little more confident going into Tuesday's lesson now knowing how best to cut the shapes, manhandle them after proving and frying to the right colour.


If only I had known how to make these when I was younger - they were Dad's favourite. He was always having 'secret' doughnuts but he generally forgot to hide the evidence of the sugary bag! This one's for you dad.... xxx

Doughnut Mark 2


  1. Very impressive. I'm expecting to see you face to face with Paul Hollywood on BBC next year! (With 11 other hopefuls) .

    1. I wouldn't mind some 1-1 tuition from him but that cheeky smile and blue eyes might be a bit distracting! I don't think I would be brave enough to face the cameras each week though xx